summer of 2009


the view at lake breeze winery

We really enjoyed the Okanagan leg of our trip.  It was hot, really hot, like +42 degrees at one point, when we visited Naramata Market to buy homemade perogies, beets and peaches for dinner.  Ella ate some shave ice to help with the heat, and for some reason my husband picked that afternoon to go on a bike ride through Naramata Bench.

Naramata was our absolute favourite town, and we went back a few times.  It is perched on Lake Okanagan, just across from Summerland, and is accessible only by the road from Penticton.   With the gorgeous views and landscape dotted with vineyards, it reminded us of Italy.  Right here in Canada.

On the sage advice of Jennifer Cockrall-King, we had lunch at Lake Breeze Winery, under the canopies, with attentive service, a warm seafood salad and the omnipresent glass of wine.


yours truly at lake breeze

My husband was on a mission to fill up a case of wine, so we indulged at Lake Breeze for whites, Elephant Island for fruit wine and Sumac Ridge for Meritage.  Good thing we bought a rooftop carrier.  We also stopped at Poplar Grove, where Ella very willingly sampled some cheese:


ella eats cheese

There was a lunch at rowdy Salty’s in Penticton on the patio with fabulous Cuban sandwiches, and a couple of trips to the artisan grocery store The Bench Marketon the road to Naramata because I got hooked on their iced lattes.   We also drove up to Peachland on the advice of the Backseat Gourmet for a yummy toffee nut bar at Bliss Bakery.


salty’s menu
salty’s cuban sandwich
the bench market
bliss bakery display
bliss bakery display

We had two stellar restaurant meals on our holiday.  One was at Tough City Sushi in Tofino, and the other was at Vanilla Pod in Summerland.  On our last night of holiday before we headed to Calgary for Ella’s soccer tournament, Mike and I went on our second date night to downtown Summerland.  My batteries ran out in my camera, but not before I snapped a few photos.

The food, the glorious food at Vanilla Pod, is what you go for.  The chef crafts the most delectable tapas, which is terribly fun to share.  I could have had two orders of the sushi pizza.  All to myself.

sushi pizza

sushi pizza
prawns and chorizo
prawns and chorizo
hummus and grilled pita
hummus and grilled pita

Thanks to Emily and Barry and Jennifer for their recommendations for the Vanilla Pod.  It was a perfect cap to a perfect holiday in beautiful BC.

Next, onwards to Ireland.  Where I don’t believe they just drink Guinness and whiskey and eat potatoes and stew all day long – do they?


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