welcome to foodie suz travels

I had an old blog called foodie suz.  foodie suz underwent an identity crisis in the new year and stopped publishing.

I only like to do things well, and the poor old blog began to feel like a heavy burden.  I felt not local enough.  Too ‘mom’.  Not hip. Obliged to take a picture of every single thing I ate.  This was tiresome.

So, I stepped back from public blogging and gave it time.  Sitting on the beach on our recent trip to Hawai’i, I realized what I LOVE doing is this:

Researching places to eat before I travel.  Going to those places.  Taking pictures.  Writing about my travel food experiences.

I have transferred all my food posts from the past three years.  These aren’t the most exotic places, but this is where I’ve been.  Sometimes on vacation, sometimes for work.

So if you are going somewhere I’ve gone, click on the pages above.  Maybe there’s a morsel in there for you…

ps:  my two most recent tropical trips will be up soon.


8 thoughts on “welcome to foodie suz travels

  1. Glad you’re back with something you love! Congrats!

    I loved hearing about the adventures of you and Ella in Seattle last year, so can’t wait for more posts on traveling and food.

  2. I do this, too! I just add it to my site – and though my site is food based – there is so much more there… and I can always work the food into the travel posts.
    Have you seen my post on our dinner at The Fat Duck last week? I believe you would enjoy the read!
    This will be fun to follow.
    I research every detail before each trip and plan to not miss a thing:
    – one to two restaurants that are MUSTS
    – the art (all of it)
    – the cultural sites
    I usually have my suitcase laden with food, books, and art when I return. Rarely do we shop while away. LOVE to travel. LIVE to travel.

  3. Great to see you back in the blogosphere Sue! I look forward to reading about your adventures. I also recognize that your banner photo MUST be from PEI … I’d know that red dirt anywhere!

  4. Wow! I am way behind the times, but this is fun. I will miss your food postings though, they were always so funny. Will have to add this one to my blogs to follow list.

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