heading to washington dc…


The last time I was in DC was 18 months ago, just before election night for the Presidential elections. I was in North Virginia canvassing for Obama with my friend Melissa and her brother.  It was quite something.  We walked the leafy suburbs of Washington in the rain, attended Obama’s rally the night before the election, and giddily celebrated the win in a posh Washington pub.   Whose name totally escapes me.

This time I’m going to DC with my eldest son, Isaac.  We’ve never travelled together, just the two of us.  He’s almost 17 and I’m really looking forward to it.  We’ve booked Hotel Helix near Logan Circle, and I’m open to any and all dining suggestions within walking distance.  Isaac doesn’t eat seafood, but otherwise he’s a pretty good sport.  He does love pizza, Greek food and burgers.  Because he’s a teenage boy.

Here’s my list so far, mostly generated from Chowhound:

Ben’s Chili Bowl – of course.  My touristy Obama pick.
Cafe Atlantico’s – Latino Dim Sum Brunch
Tabard Inn – for fancy dinner.  Reservations are a MUST.
Pete’s New Haven Pizza
BRG The Burger Joint
Breadline – sandwich shop
Zorba’s Greek Cafe (Dupont Circle) – cheap eats
Ooohs and Aaaahs – soul food, cheap eats
Kramer Books
Pitango’s for gelato

I love that Washington seems to have a ton of breakfast places.


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