cafe saint-ex, washington dc part 2

cafe saint-ex

After travelling for six hours to get to DC, we were sick of Starbucks pastries and airline pretzels and had to get something substantial to eat.

14th Street in Washington is part abandoned buildings, part funky places.  It reminded me of Commercial Drive in Vancouver.

some of the scene on 14th street

Cafe Saint-Ex was around the corner from our hotel.  It is all hip and funky, with exposed brick walls, beat up hardwood floors and a tin ceiling.  I’m a sucker for that kind of place.  The waitress called me ‘miss’ and ‘sweetie’ and asked me for ID.  I wonder if she needs glasses.

We reveled in +39 degree weather with the accompanying warm service and ate our meals listening to Dixie music and watching the after-work folks imbibing with martinis in the stand up bar.

Isaac was SHOCKED to be asked:  how do you want your hamburger done? I explained to him the Americans have different standards for meat cooking and they don’t have to cook the h*ll out of their ground beef in order to serve it.  Despite his funny look (which was special for me, the picture taker, and not indicative of the burger itself), he happily consumed a medium hamburger in the United States of America.

the medium burger. and isaac.

I had little homemade paparadelle noodles piled high with Serrano ham and shavings of manchego.  With a side of smoky chard.  This made me happy.

Afterwards we walked up to U-Street and I snapped a photo of Ben’s Chili Bowl.  Since we were full and it was really hot and humid, we didn’t have chili.   But we did gawk at the storefront, along with throngs of other tourists, who were taking photos of Obama’s famous chili haunt.

the famous obama haunt

Cafe Saint-Ex
1847 14th Street NW (14th & T)
Washington, DC 20009
Phone 202.265.7839


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