Jasper Park Lodge – christmas in november

My daughter Ella is 14 years old.  As time goes on, we have less in common.  She is a kick ass soccer player, I like yoga.  She grooves to Eminem, I am into Natalie Merchant.  Etc.

But the one thing we connect with is food.  Being a soccer player, she has to stay strong and healthy.  Ella is also a fearless baker.  And every year, we take a chick weekend.  Last year, it was to Seattle.  This year, Jasper Park Lodge for Christmas in November.

I’m offering up a selection of photos from our trip.  It was a lovely and lux getaway.  My favourite moments were:

  • attending Bal Arneson’s session.  She’s entertaining, and refreshing, and a bit of a hoot, actually.  Not nearly as demure as she appears on TV.  She’s like your most fun girlfriend.
  • watching Micah Dew, mixologist extraordinaire, shake his martini.  Whoot!
  • opening reception with Ella.  We cruised all the food, drank wine (me), drank fruit punch in a martini glass (Ella), and declared our favourites:  lamb chop lollypops, and truffle lobster mac ‘n cheese
  • dancing with Ella at the Saturday night gala.  When else do you get to dance with your teenager?  (At weddings – but nobody gets married anymore, or at bars?).  Micah, in particular, tore up the dance floor.

This trip was about the food, but mostly it was about the time.  Thank you, dear Ella for sharing a weekend with me.


9 thoughts on “Jasper Park Lodge – christmas in november

  1. A Canadian Foodie

    Fantastic mother and daughter get-away!!! What a wonderful treat! I was so so so sad that neither of my gals were available to be with me, and equally as sad that mom wasn’t interested (as it was the week following her 60th anniversary and she still had too many friends in town)… I ached to share it with them. It is just that kind of thing. And your daughter would have been the highlight of the event for many of the older attendees as it is such a treat to see a young face in the crowd. I have never seen Bal on TV, or even heard of her before this event. What channel is she on? I would love to see her. I didn’t go to mixology, but loved all of the events I am posting (epic posts on) and love to hear about the ones I missed. SO nice to hear that a fellow Edmontonian went. I found the Alan Taylor and his girlfriend also went. I don’t know him either, but read his tweets and talked to him about it over Twitter.

  2. Isabelle

    Wow, this looks like such great fun Sue! Awesome. I interviewed Bal Arneson once and she’s so sweet, but I haven’t seen her food network show yet. Also, I like your blog redesign. looking good.

  3. sue robins

    Hey, thanks Isabelle! Ella and I continue on our ‘food bonding’ journey, as you can see…

    Bal is just a bundle of awesome. She was a great choice for a presenter at Christmas in November…

    Thanks for the feedback on the new theme. Not sure pink is a good colour for a food blog, but I love the polka dots!

    • Jennifer CK

      Wowza. This is a super snazzy blog theme. Love it. It’s very readable too. Dreaming of Okanagan dining at a time like this. Too cold to XC ski, too flat to downhill, too northern to grow wine grapes. We’re crazy to live here.

  4. bellini

    I have read about this weekend on The Canadian Foodie and am enthralled by the atmosphere. Who wouldn’t want to spend some quality time with their daughter with a lot of Christmas thrown in.

  5. Pam W

    Love your blog Sue. I think I have to suggest Christmas in November @ the Jasper Park Lodge to my book group…that sounds like too much fun. Is it a yearly event?

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