NYC reservations secured

prune, from new york city search

The time to leave on a jet plane for New York City is almost upon us.  I’m happy to have secured reservations at:
Prune – because I so loved chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s book – Blood, Bones, and Butter
– for brunch, just for the whimsy
Lupa – because we forgot to eat real Roman food when we were in Rome
Colicchio and Sons – just because he’s Top Chef
Red Rooster – soul food in Harlem, because I’ve only had proper soul food once, in Washington DC

Combine this with tickets to the Broadway show Book of Mormon, seats at the Yankees-Mets game, and lots and lots of shopping, walking around mouth agape and more supplemental eating, I believe my trip planning is now complete.  Bon voyage, my friends.


3 thoughts on “NYC reservations secured

  1. Have a blast! Where are you staying? If you can – buy a seat at the James Beard House for dinner the night that our own Twyla Campbell and Steve are there showcasing their food from Northern Food Night with Chef Cherest. I believe that is actually this very Saturday. It would be wild if you could actually be there. I had really wanted to go, but it wasn’t in the cards.

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