foods of new york tour

my companion enjoys the food tour

I feel very clever.  I have unearthed a great secret to exploring a city on holidays.

It is the food tour.  My first food tour was in Seattle in 2009, at Pike Place Market.  Since then I’ve gone on tours in Honolulu and Washington DC.  And now, New York.

I will admit to randomly choosing the Foods of New York Tour.  A Google search reveals a cornucopia of tours in the city.  Foods of New York had great reviews on Trip Advisor and Zerve, and so I took a chance and booked it.  And kept it secret from my travelling companion (pictured).

We woke up on a Saturday in New York, and I told Mike we’d have to find our way down to the Village because I’d booked us in.  He was wary, to say the least, and said he’d go to the skyscraper museum on Wall Street, and meet me later.  I insisted.  He caved.

Well, it turned out I think my reluctant Mike enjoyed the Foods of New York Tour more than I did.

Here’s his testimonial:

I was impressed by Barri, our knowledgeable and friendly guide – she really helped bring the rich history of the Village into every bite.

Barri was professional and exceedingly well informed.  The tour wasn’t just food – it was history, architecture, geography, culture and food all rolled into one.  We chose the Village and SoHo tour, which gave us a taste of an artistic and historically-bohemian neighbourhood.

While cluttering up the sidewalk of a real New York neighbourhood can make you feel like a dorky tourist, I have to say that going on a walking food tour can teach you more about a neighbourhood than any guide book could ever provide.

Barri was just so interesting.  Here she is, explaining the meaning of the pineapple decoration on the wrought iron gates.  I hung onto her every word while stuffing my face with food, and avoiding death by NYC taxi cabs.

a pineapple is a sign that says - welcome, come on in.

Focacceria  – we ate, what else – rosemary focaccia
Monte’s – classic Italian fare
Masala Times – oh yum, my favourite.  They had both great food and a sense of humour.


egg and curry, all in a generous wrap.

Cuba – oy, they served one great mojito.  (I drank it; I didn’t photograph it). My official drink of New York.

a mysterious cuban root vegetable that i forgot to document.

Joe’s Dairy – the king of smoked mozzarella.

signage at joe's dairy.

Once Upon a Tart – who doesn’t love a tart?

a wee bite of tart.

Food tours.  Just do it.



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