australia bound

In a marked contrast to my overly planned New York City trip, I’m set to go to Melbourne and Sydney this week with nary a restaurant reservation.

My focus is speaking at a conference.  Then I’ll think about eating.

In Melbourne, I have a hotel booked near Flinders Lane.  Close by are Cumulus Inc and The European.  I can hike to Queen Victoria Market, too.

I have an all day Yarra Valley (Yaira, not Yarra, you silly Canadian Sue) wine tour booked.  That should be fun and inebriating.

Then the overnight sleeper train to Sydney, two days at Bondi Beach (BondEYE, not BondI, silly me) where my only food scrawl is:  ‘deep fried Mars bar at the fish and chip place’.  Then two more days at Establishment Hotel in Sydney.  Then home.  (Oh wait, with a long stop over in San Francisco, I’m venturing into the city for lunch at the Slanted Door.  Reservations secured).

I obviously plan to stumble my way across Australia, mispronouncing proper names.  Any and all Melbourne/Sydney food recommendations are greatly appreciated.


4 thoughts on “australia bound

  1. Hey…you can get deep fried Mars Bars right here in Canada—in Nanaimo! We have never tried them, but they sound very decadent. Seems to me that they available in a fish and chip place here too. Wonder if the owner is from Australia?

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