slanted door, san francisco

Flying from Sydney to Edmonton, I was gifted with an 8 hour layover in San Francisco.  Eight hours is an awfully long time to spend in an airport, so despite crazy sleep deprivation, and the loss of an entire day when crossing the International date line, I decided to take a cab into the city.

And I figured I’d be hungry because of the low-quality airline food (and I was) and I needed to readjust to North American time, so I made a reservation at Slanted Door for 2 pm, which was 5 am the next day Australian time.  Either it was late lunch or early breakfast.

I got the Slanted Door idea from Cream & Sugar, one of my very favourite food blogs, which features fabulous ‘Packing Lists’ for various cities.  The San Francisco Packing List directed me to the Slanted Door in the Ferry Building, and I was happy to oblige.

A $40 cab ride got me to the Ferry Building.  This is Pier #1, as I discovered, unsuccessfully hiking to Fisherman’s Wharf  (Pier #39) before my reservation…and having to turn around and hike all the way back to reach Slanted Door by 2 pm.

By then I realized I was getting a punchy from sleep deprivation after a 14 hour plane ride.

But I persevered.  I arrived at the restaurant and was quickly seated at a two person table by the patio door.  As I discovered traveling solo for ten days in Australia, the ‘table for one’ is often a rotten table.  But I sat facing the view, and that was lovely, despite the traffic going in and out the patio door.

Slanted Door is in the super renovated Ferry Building, which is stuffed with food shops and stalls – gelati, pork, cheese, dairy – like an upscale, permanent farmer’s market.   Both Ciao Bella Gelato and Blue Bottle Coffee had long winding line-ups of office workers from the nearby Financial district and tourists looking for either gelato or coffee (?) to beat the sweaty heat.

Here’s what I ordered.  It is piggy, but I had the prospect of boarding another flight looming, and figured this might be my last decent meal for some time.

spring rolls with peanut sauce

  • Rum Punch – I ordered this, knowing full well I might regret this decision.
  • Spring Rolls with shrimp and pork – I’d term these as ‘salad rolls’ but no matter.  They were generously stuffed rice paper rolls, filled with rice noodles, shrimp, pork and basil.  But my favourite thing about this dish was the peanut sauce, which I dumped liberally on everything.
  • Cellophane Noodles and Crab – this was delicate and delicious, and I took the server’s suggestion and ordered a side of jasmine rice too.  The rice worked well to temper the fragile noodles that had little chunks of crab scattered throughout.
The Slanted Door space is open with loads of windows to take full advantage of its prime space right on the wharf.  The restaurant is loud and happening, even at 2 pm Wednesday lunch.  There’s a huge communal table, and I could hear the stir fry sizzling from the open kitchen.  I’d term the food ‘modern Vietnamese’, and the service was friendly, but minimal for little ole me.
In the end, I ate as much as I could all by myself.  The best part of this meal is that I got it packaged up and lugged it onto the plane, and ate the rest for dinner on my way back to Edmonton.  I felt very clever eating Slanted Door food while everybody else was gnawing on dry cookies and pretzels.
Thanks, Cream & Sugar for the spot-on recommendation.

2 thoughts on “slanted door, san francisco

  1. Thanks for the blogger love Foodie Suz! So glad you were able to make the most of your San Fran layover and that you enjoyed Slanted Door. I would certainly have been in the jealous passenger category if I had to gaze at your cellophane noodles while I ate my “gourmet” nuts and bolts. Air travel is not the glamourous thing it once was. Welcome home! Looking forward to reading more about your Australian eating adventures.

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