feast of fields – okanagan style

We were fortunate enough to snag early tickets to the Feast of Fields, and even luckier that the event was held at a Van Westen orchard, in the same Naramata neighbourhood as our rental house.

feast of fields was really feast on the hill, courtesy of the Naramata Bench

I believe an eating event is a combination of setting, service, company, and of course the food.  And wine.  Check out the setting on the Naramata bench.  Yes, Feast of Fields was held on a steep dusty hill.  But LOOK at the view.  That’s worth a million dollars right there.

For a wandering noshing event, the food was exceedingly exceptional.  This was no food fair with hot dogs and burgers set up in a concrete square, that’s for sure.  This was a showcase of local chef talent.

And the wine…well, I unabashedly love Okanagan wine, so I’m terribly and happily biased.  But I adored wandering around the site, balancing a glassful of vino from Van Westen, Red Rooster, Road 13, Laughing Stock, Sumac Ridge, Burrowing Owl and Nk’Mip. (Please note these were taster glasses of wine, not full ones, but I was a bit tottery climbing back up the hill.  And I just woke up from a much-needed nap).

codfather's offering

I ate some generous offerings of creative food.  First up was albacore tuna from Codfather’s Seafood Market.  Codfathers is both a very clever name for a fish market and they are passionate purveyors of all things fish.  This morsel, pictured above, won Sue’s award for best offering.  I wanted two servings, but was afraid the owner would think I was a greedy pig.  But the tuna was like butter…oy it was good and obviously lovingly prepared.

delta's fruit and proscuitto 'burger'

Aside from the setting, the food and the wine, what I loved about Feast of Fields was the good humour and spirits of the chefs and their obvious camraderie with each other.  This set a lovely buzz for the event, as chefs wandered about in their chef’s whites, tasting each others’ food and catching up with colleagues.

local lounge & grille's salmon cerviche tacos

The prize for most creative plate goes to RauDZ – check this out below.  Termed ‘Bacon and Eggs’, it was really chicken pate piped into hollow eggs with a stick of bacon.  Very smart and very rich.  RauDZ is now #1 on my list for Kelowna restaurants I must try…

bacon and eggs from RauDZ Regional Table

I could not sample everything due to the limited size of my stomach.  But I also loved:

  • Cabana Bar and Grille’s bread and squash salad with cherry tomato and fresh basil
  • Poplar Grove’s rosemary toasted crostini, brie, candied pecan topped with a rosemary scented jelly
  • Joy Road Catering’s fresh berries on meringue
  • The Bench Market’s Jerseyland cheesy petit four with organic peach chutney
I knew the Okanagan had a bounty of good food and wine.  But Feast of Fields showed me that good cheer abounds, too.  A perfect way to spend a Sunday August afternoon…thanks to the organizers for their hard work to make it happen.

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