Yes, Australia to Regina in one fell swoop!

My husband is traveling to Regina for a new contract.  Here are food recommendations I found from chowhound, yelp and urban spoon.  I was last in Regina about 15 years ago, and remember a really good coffee place on Albert Street.  But it has since disappeared.

Comments and additional suggestions are most welcome:


Italian Star Deli – 1611 Victoria Avenue – sandwiches

Cathedral Village Freehouse – good pizza – 2062 Albert Street

La Bodega – tapas – try the lamb enchiladas – – 2228 Albert Street

Beer Brothers – pub and good food – – 1801 Scath Street

13 avenue coffee house  – 136 13 avenue



One thought on “regina

  1. schmutzie says:

    Memories had fantastic steak.

    Da India Curry House is absolutely fantastic for Indian food.

    If he wants to eat healthy but really delicious, I dream about their Lucky Bowl, vegetarian food, 13th Avenue Coffee House.

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