rocky mountain food & wine festival

Sadly, Foodie Suz is not travelling much.  She was in Victoria for a week, but it was at school, where I ate cafeteria food, bad pub food (twice) and really bad sushi (only once).

So let’s focus on food in my hometown of Edmonton, shall we?  I was fortunate enough to score an industry pass to the Rocky Mountain Food & Wine Festival last night, at Shaw Conference Centre.  What I liked most about that was not the free booze, but the fact that the doors were opened early, and the crowds were thin.  This was a contrast to the bone-crushing crowds that appear later in the evening.  I also gave away two tickets on my facebook page.  It was fun to make two guys in business suits happy.  People love free stuff.

A few photos from the event.  This isn’t cutting-edge food journalism folks.  It is a few pictures from a gal that drank vodka and ate cupcakes.

fuss cupcakes display

flavoured vodka, yum. i sipped the root beer one.

sparkling vodka, yum. like boozy perrier.

coconut vodka. mixed with pineapple juice. super yum.

still with the vodka. hypnotiq is fruit juice, cognac and yes vodka.


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