calgary, part deux

We went to Calgary again, two years later.  Still with our youngest, and so this is still the kid-friendly version.

First up, a dinner time stop in Airdrie on the way into town, at Five Guys Burgers.  So the atmosphere is loud and chaotic, but the burgers are damn good- soft buns, melty cheese, patty cooked until just done.  Best of the fast food options, hands down.

the fare at over easy

Thanks to Andree, we went to Over Easy for breakfast the next day.  The tables are crammed together, yes, but the wait staff are very smiley and the food looked delicious.  The sausages were big and juicy.  Alas, the egg was cold, which seems to be a recurring theme for me in Calgary.  But the rest was yum.

the dog that is tubby.

For lunch, we split up.  Me to Janice Beaton for a grilled cheese (Farm special – cheddar and stinky oka) and Mike and Aaron to Tubby Dog a few doors down.  The staff in Janice Beaton were very formal and oddly anxious, and the staff at Tubby Dog were a stark contrast and were having a riotous amount of fun.   My grilled cheese was very ‘bready’ and less ‘cheesy’ but the bite I had of the Tubby Dog was delicious.  It might have been pigs’ head parts for all I know, but it did taste good.  Plus, there are Ms. Pac Man games at Tubby Dogs.  Gotta love that.

Some time passed, and we had to eat dinner.  We ventured out to Inglewood’s Without Papers, again based on Andree’s review.  We trust the Andree.  This was the best meal of our modest trip:  the wait staff were fabulous with Aaron, even bringing him to the kitchen to take a look at the fire burning oven.   We watched the Talking Heads movie and then the Rocky Horror Picture Show on the wall.  We ate thin crust proper pizza, and consumed a very expensive ($12) but fresh tomato buffalo mozza sald.  And some meatballs.  And a float.  And a banana split.  Then we rolled out of there.  Extremely impressed – highly recommended and we will be back.

Without Papers was the highlight of our trip, and we should have left it at that, but noooo, we had to try dim sum the next day.  While standing in line for a table at Silver Dragon, a gentleman came RUNNING behind the host desk and grabbed the fire extinguisher.

You are right – this is never a good sign.

We were all politely evacuated, and we ended up across the street.  The fire trucks came.  This was exciting, but did not fill my tummy.  We opted for a near- by dim sum place, which I do not wish to name.  They were overwhelmed with the overfill crowd from Silver Dragon.  The food was greasy and cold and took at least 24 hours to digest.  I believe the last of it digested just a few minutes ago.

Best to put this memory in the vault.  We will try you again, Silver Dragon, the next time we venture 2.5 hours down south to the New West.


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