washington state anticipation

the summer 2012 road trip

We are travelling 3,549 km over four weeks with our nine year old son.  Our teenage daughter (wisely) flies to meet us on Vancouver Island and then flies back a week later from Kelowna.

This road trip is planned to maximize fun with Aaron.  He’s had a rotten school year, to be honest, and we want to just hang out with him, and take his lead on activities.  We hope to go to at least two drive-in theatres (we have zero drive-ins in Alberta, did you know that?) in northern Oregon and central Washington, discover beaches, do two separate river floats, eat a lot of ice cream and go on a roller coaster ride.

When we hit Parksville, we are on the family route, mooching accommodations and food and visiting my beloved parents, brother and sister-in-law, and father and mother-in-law.

But the ten days previous are a cornucopia of  funky accommodations.  I’m so curious to see which one is our favourite and why.  I have to say that every single person I dealt with to reserve each of these places was friendly, pleasant and welcoming.  This is always a good sign…

Sandpoint: www.bottlebayresort.com

Walla Walla:  www.wallafaces.com

Near Quincy: www.cavebinn.com

Near Duncan: www.fairburnfarm.bc.ca

I appreciate any and all comments about where to eat along the way!


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