kaua’i again, six years later


My favourite meal in Kaua’i was at Hamura’s Saimin in Lihue.  We ate there three times in 2 weeks.  Here’s what you do.  Stand and wait for a table to become free (it is always busy, with locals, and tourists picking up soup after they land at the nearby airport).  Snag a stool.  Wait for the ladies to notice you.  Order a Special Saimin.  Wait.  Wait some more.  Watch the sweaty open kitchen action.    Listen to the sizzling meat on the little barbecue.  Watch others eat.  When that steaming bowl of noodles is put in front of you, work your chopsticks furiously to shovel the contents into your mouth.  Leave with a full Budda belly.  Dream about Hamura’s Saimin when you get back to cold, desolate Canada.  Count down the months until you can return again.


One thought on “kaua’i again, six years later

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