Alas, Disneyland was a bit of a bust, eating-wise, as I feared it would be.  I have decided that the best thing to do it is to rent a hotel room that is a suite/has a kitchen, and take a cab to a grocery store the first day to stock up on food.  Then eat breakfast in the room, grab a kiosk lunch and eat supper back at the room.  Go out for the occasional sit down meal.  But otherwise, the $60 breakfasts and $100 dinners are KILLERS.  And let’s face it folks, the food isn’t that good.

Of note, we did discover that there are two Starbucks – one in Disneyland, and one in Californialand.  They are both camouflaged behind Disney facades.  La Brea Bakery take-away has decent breakfast options from their take-away window.  And if you add an extra shot to their lattes, the coffee is bearable.

The restaurants in Downtown Disney tend to be LOUD and BRIGHT and not very relaxing.  Aaron and I did have a nice date night at Tortilla Joe’s, but that had more to do with his good company and the deep fried ice cream than anything else.  We did stumble upon the pricey, but dimly-lit Catal Restaurant, but don’t be dumb like us and sit upstairs, where the food is more expensive.  If they ask you if you want to sit upstairs, say NO.  The Uva Bar and Cafe downstairs is more reasonably priced.

Eating at Disneyland is a necessity.  The most magical place on earth is all about the RIDES, folks.  Keep your foodie expectations low, and make your own food if at all possible.  Otherwise, just go and have FUN.



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