victoria, bc 2014

I spent a week in Victoria with my youngest son, who was attending the awesome Power to Be program.  (I snuck off for a solo night at Sooke Harbour House when he was camping).  We had the good fortune to stay at a friend’s house in North Saanich, so we alternated between eating in Sidney, Sooke, and Victoria proper.  Here are some highlights:


Red Fish Blue Fish

Yes, I go here every time I am in Victoria.  Brave the 30-60 minute line up (bonus, they’ve added umbrellas to provide shade for their customers), encounter super nice dudes at the cash, and order away.  I had the special curry fish tacos and a ridiculously massive jerk fish poutine and I did not have to eat for the rest of the day. (Uh, but I did eat again.  Damn that digestion process).

jerk fish poutine

jerk fish poutine



The Fish Store, Fisherman’s Wharf

There is some disagreement on the Internet about what is the best fish and chips place on Fisherman’s Wharf.  We chose The Fish Store over Barb’s Fish and Chips for practical reasons:  the line was smaller.  But, as an added bonus, when there was a mix up of our order, the kind young chefs gave us a complimentary battered salmon while we waited.  Ya gotta love that.  Crunchy fish, crispy fries, too, best eaten right on the wharf.  Shield your food from those pesky gulls.

dude eats fish and chips.


Big Wheel Burger

This is the ultimate place for an 11 year old boy on Cook Street Village.  Order at the counter, sit down for a bit, and be rewarded with a huge juicy burger and fries.


Roost Farm Centre, North Saanich

We ate here a record three times.  Twice for breakfast, once for lunch.  You must go here if you arrive in Victoria via ferry or airplane.  It is just off Patricia Bay Highway, and it is a special place.

The Roost is a farm, a bakery, a winery, a bistro all in one.  I love the concept, and the food is generous and fabulous.  The eggs are bright and the lox sandwich is stacked high with velvety lox perched on gobs of cream cheese.  YUM.

digging into eggs & sausage.


In Sidney, we went to Sabhai Thai twice because the Pad Thai was so damn good and the service was super kid-friendly.  We ventured to Carlos Cantina for burritos one night, just to mix things up.

Oh Victoria, you are gorgeous.  Thank you for the sunshine, ocean and birds.  Thank you for feeding us so well, too.


my king of the world





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