new orleans, here we come!


Half the pleasure of a trip is the anticipation.  We are excited about travelling to New Orleans.  I’ve never been.  I’m trying NOT to over plan, which is hard.  I have not made any reservations.  We have a food tour booked with Tastebud Tours, and then I have a list of eating and drinking establishments within walking distance to our hotel.  This includes:

Beignet Café
Café Du Monde
Court of Two Sisters
Mr. B’s
Rampart Street Food
Central Grocery
Killer Po Boys
Willie Mae’s Scotch House
Cheap Voodoo Bbque
Tujague’s Restaurant
Napoleon House
Bon Ton Café
Café Amelie
The Funky Pirate
Carousel, Hotel Monteleone
Erin Rose bar

I hope to eat lots of Cajun, Creole, po’boys, beignets and seafood.  My drink of choice is a Hurricane.  Yum, rum, here I come.


3 thoughts on “new orleans, here we come!

  1. Hi – sorry, just wanted to say, stop by one of the Daquiri stores while you’re there – they have some amazing flavour combos! And if you can, try a Boudin Po’boy, or any of them really. Enjoy the trip – it’s an amazing city x

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