the four stages of bourbon street

20141107_223124_resizedStage 1

OMG, this is like a massive bar right in the middle of the street!  You can drink openly on the sidewalk!  In fact, it is strongly encouraged!  The Americans free-pour their drinks and they are really strong!  Drink!  Collect beads!  Dance like nobody is watching!  Jump up and down, oblivious to the back pain you will endure tomorrow!  Go down the wrong way on Bourbon Street and wonder where the hell your hotel is!  Go the wrong way down the hotel corridor, running (for some reason) and lose your sweater!  Be spinning in the head in bed and sleep with the ice bucket parked next to you, just in case!

The next day, feel completely poisoned until about 4 pm.

Stage 2

Settle on a favourite take away drink. (Hurricane from Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar).  Pick out a favourite dancing bar (Famous Door, where the band plays 80’s music).  Dance your friends under the table.  Suddenly notice that people smoke in the bars here.  Sometimes cigars.

Stage 3

Have only one open drink on the street, for old time’s sake.  Stop hoping for beads because this seems silly, particularly since you are closing in on 50.  Find a local off-Bourbon Street pub called Erin Rose with more reasonably priced drinks and good music.  As an added bonus, they serve Killer Po’Boys in the back.

Stage 4

Don’t even bother walking down Bourbon Street.  In fact, skirt around it in entirely because you suddenly notice that it really stinks.  Bad.

New Orleans:  All in good fun.  Food post coming up next.


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