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Very Vancouver

Last night, someone asked me:  where are your favourite places to eat in Vancouver? We’ve been here 10 months two years, and it is time for me to update the answer to this crucial question.

Name ANY genre of food, and you can find it here.  This is both exciting and overwhelming.  Plus, somehow with the price of housing, you have to figure out an eating out budget.  This is important.

A couple of years in, here are my conclusions:

Best Dinner Restaurant – Bistro Wagon Rouge – I simply love everything about this little French Bistro.  The food is so perfectly prepared, the servers are so lovely…

Best Breakfast – Yolks (I dream of their Chicken and Waffles).  Runners up, Scandilicious (hello perfectly cooked waffles with savoury toppings), Red Wagon, open-faced toast at Matchstick.

Best Fancy Brunch L’Abbatoir – in Gastown, OMG their currant scones with clotted cream and jam…

Best Punk Rock Hot DogsWhat’s Up, Hot Dog

Best Italian Sandwiches – La Grotto Del Formaggio – get half a focaccia sandwich grilled with all the fixin’s.

Best Dirty Chai – Coco et Olive (runner up, Platform 7)

Best Burritos, Baby! – Sal Y Limon

Best Real Mexican – El Comal, deep in a Burnaby industrial area.  Bonus:  they have a small grocery selection too.

Best Artsy Mexican Food – Tacofino (Hastings Commissary location only, the Gastown location is spotty)

Best Bubble Tea – Angelove Bubble Tea – bonus, get your passport photos done at the same time!  Seriously, I’ve consumed a lot of bubble tea.  This is the real thing.

Best Poke – The Poke Bar – poke is HOT and this is the BEST and I can WALK to this from our place.

Favourite Go-To Sushi – Kimu Sushi  – true confession:  I got here like once a week.

Best Cheap Take Away SushiNanaimo Sushi – chaotic but cheap and plentiful.

Best Japanese (not sushi)Guu Thurlow

Best Wonton Dumplings Shao-Lin Noodle House

Best DoughnutsHoneys Doughnuts in Deep Cove, Runner Up, Lucky’s Doughnuts.

Best Cocktail – Portland Craft (their version of the Amaretto Sour sent me straight to the tattoo place to get three tattoos.  True story).

Best RamenKawawa Japanese Restaurant (put an egg in it, please)

Best BakeryPure Bread (special shout out to their Buckwheat Sour Cherry Scones)

Best Pie – Gabi and Jules – in Port Moody, worth the drive for their Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Ganache Pie.

Best Cookies – Italia Bakery – love their little jam stuffed delights.

Best Birthday CakeCadeaux Bakery

Best Cronut (the only Cronut) – Swiss Bakery

Best Cream PuffsBeta5 Chocolate (best eaten in their sketchy parking lot)

Best LebaneseNuba (falafels please with garlicky potatoes)

Best Aussie Pie Peaked Pies (ya gotta drive to Whistler for this, poor you)

Best Food TruckLe Tigre (Kick-Ass Rice, please)

Best Bubble TeaBubble Lishus Tea House (I went through a serious Bubble Tea phase and this the winner).

Best Hipster Coffee Experience49th Parallel, deep in the bushy beards of Main Street.  Bonus:  indulge in a Lucky’s Doughnut‘s Maple Long John while you are at it.

Best Perogies Iwona’s Perogies in New West

Best BurmeseAmay’s House (tea leave salad yum)

Best Pizza DeliveryViva Sue’s

Best Ice Cream (very well researched) – Rocky Point Ice Cream for the quality of the ice cream, Rain or Shine Ice Cream for the best cones, Glenburn Soda Fountain for the sauces and toppings, Soft Peaks for the soft stuff

Best Italian DinnerAsk for Luigi (it is worth the wait)

Best Bizarre Italian DinnerAnton’s Pasta Bar (endure the wait in line, be rewarded with voluminous portions of pasta)

Best ThaiChad Thai (lovely family run place)

Best SandwichChez Meme Baguette (oh so French)

Best Dim Sum – Shanghai River (a random place in Richmond)

Best Fish & ChipsGo Fish on Fisherman’s Wharf (also Best Tourist Experience to grab fish & chips and then walk around the wharf to Granville Island) Runner Up:  Pajo’s

Best Fish TacosFish Counter

My Instagram feed also contains many excessive photos of food.



One thought on “vancouver – favs so far

  1. Some of your favourites are mine as well. (Honey’s donuts, red wagon, go fish) Some I have never heard of. Try scandelicious for breakfast. North end of Victoria drive.

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