ixtapa mexico

we had no choice but to summon the mariachi band.

In January we went to the west coast of Mexico.  Mike’s dad and stepmom very generously gave us a week at their condo timeshare at Pacifica resort.  This was my third time there.  I loved it there because:  a. nobody got sick, b. we signed up for the all inclusive buffet so I did not have to plan, grocery shop, cook or clean.

The buffet was pretty good, but this wasn’t a foodie trip.  This was a sit on the beach for a week and read books trip.  Here are some food highlights in pictures.

man drinks cervesa.
man drinks cervesa.
girl loves churros from buffet.
a dead fish, complete with head. really.
we eat loads of fruit at the buffet. especially the papaya.
this girl drinks a lot of (non alcoholic) pina coladas.

3 thoughts on “ixtapa mexico

    • sue robins

      Ah, yes the ‘love/hate’ relationship with the buffet. Less work (usually for mom, if travelling with kids) but yes, the food can get tiresome…we ate strategically – late breakfast (fruit and eggs), nacho/salsa/sangria/beer on the beach and then dinner back at the buffet…

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