nelson, bc

We have just returned from a ten day road trip to British Columbia.  Our best meal by far was from a van parked at the side of the road in Nelson BC.

Here it is: Bite Fresh Food

Here’s what Bite says about its fine self:

At bite we believe in ingenuity and general deliciousness when it comes to food. We turn local produce and organic meats and seafood into socially conscious, sophisticated take-out fare.

Sure enough, this is totally true.  We ordered some food to take to Six Mile Beach north of Nelson.  Fries, poutine, Chicken Rosalie wrap, Bite bit wrap.

Now, my youngest son Aaron has eaten many fries in his time.  The bite fries were perfectly cooked – crispy on the outside, soft on the inside and lightly salted.  He was not happy to share them.  My daughter and I split an order of poutine, which is fry, gravy and mozza cheese curd goodness.

Then the wraps – the Bite bit wrap as a post-mountain bike ride treat for my husband.  It was a soft spicy BLT slathered with chili aioli.  And a Chicken Rosalie wrap with goat cheese, organic chicken and garlicky mayo.  I am a sucker with anything that has the words goat cheese in it.

This van parked on the side of the road nailed the food preparation, service and quality.  We hungrily consumed the fries in the minvan and ate the wraps on the beach on the shores of the beautiful Kootney Lake.  Ah, life is good, isn’t it?


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