washington dc


This is a classic American breakfast from Kramer Books and After Words Cafe and Grill in Washington DC.  I ate here on Monday morning.  This was lox and scrambled eggs with red caviar, and I can tell you that it fortified me for the rest of the day.  This place was my idea of heaven.  A diner with upscale breakfast food that was attached to a bookstore.

I had an opportunity to volunteer with some friends in Northern Virginia for the Obama campaign.  I did not go to Washington to eat, but I can tell you the campaign office had some wicked sardine dip.  And also a mountain of donated food for the campaign volunteers.  We ate dry Starbucks sandwiches in the car driving to the rally in Manassas Virginia, and had sashimi and cosmos on election night in a tony Washington bar.

Cheers to you, America.  I promised my kids I’d return to Washington DC with them in tow so they could see for themselves the White House where the Obama family resides.  Then I’ll be more fastidious about taking food notes and pictures.  But this time it wasn’t all about the food.  And it was worth it.


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