fresh, on corydon avenue

I lived in Winnipeg for six years in the 1990’s.  This is a humble prairie city with lots of hidden surprises.  People there are passionate about politics and nurturing their independent businesses and artists.  And this includes food.

I was back in town for five days in October because I was speaking at a conference.  My dear friend Melissa generously hosted me and took me to eat at Fresh and BluFish.  We went back to Fresh twice because it was so damn good.  BluFish was interesting Japanese fusion.  The tuna gome ae was exception.

Here’s what Fresh looks like:

the salad offerings at fresh
the next morning’s brunch? poached eggs on kale with sweet potato latke

I was then sequestered for four days for the conference.  We had two group dinners to organize, and Ichiban and East India Company fit the bill.  Ichiban is like Edmonton’s Japanese Village – a fabulous place to take a group just to have fun.  East India is a family run business, serving true Indian fare.

I snuck out one day for a late lunch with another dear friend.  She took me to the new Stella’s on Sherbrooke.  Now, Stella’s on Osborne was my favourite breakfast place in Winnipeg when I lived there in 1999.  I was happy to see a good thing grow and flourish – one thing Winnipeg does well is look after their own.

Then I had to go back to really terrible hotel fare.

But, my last bright spot, just before I headed to the airport, Melissa fetched me and we escaped to The Tallest Poppy.  It is a little diner on a sketchy part of Main Street, and there I had a buttery gooey grilled cheese sandwich. It filled me up before I caught a plane to Vancouver.  Where did I indulge there?  Stay tuned…



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